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Key Kuali Components

KFS Architecture

KFS Modules

Navigating through the KFS

KFS E-Doc Fundamentals

Data Import Templates

Maintenance E-Doc Fundamentals

Workflow: Overview and Key Concepts

Standard Reports

Batch Upload Basics

Core Modules

General Ledger (GL)

GL Process

Sufficient Funds Checking

Flexible Offset Options

Year-End Processes

GL Correction Process (GLCP)

Accounting Cycle Files

Accessing GL Functions

GL Balance Inquiries

GL Batch Functions

Chart of Accounts (COA)

Accessing COA Functions

Global COA E-Docs

Standard COA E-Docs


Account Global

Account Delegate

Account Delegate Global

Account Delegate Inactivate

Account Delegate Model

Account Delegate Global From Model

Object Code

Mission Code

Object Code Global


Organization Review

Program/Initiative Code

Project Code

Project Code Import


Sub-Account Import

Sub-Object Code

Sub-Object Code Global

Sub-Object Code Global Edit

Sub-Object Code Import

Use Of Funds

COA Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Account Type

Accounting Period

AICPA Function

Balance Type

Basic Accounting Category

Board Status Code

Budget Aggregation Code

Budget Recording Level

Category Code


Federal Function

Federal Funded Code

Financial Reporting Code

Fund Group

Higher Education Function

Indirect Cost Recovery Rate

Indirect Cost Recovery Rate Detail

Indirect Cost Recovery Exclusion by Account

Indirect Cost Recovery Type

Indirect Cost Recovery Exclusion by Type

Mandatory Transfer Elimination

Object Consolidation

Object Level

Object Sub-Type

Object Type

Offset Account

Offset Definition

Organization Reversion

Organization Reversion Global

Organization Reversion Category

Organization Type

Plant Cash Reporting

Responsibility Center

Restricted Status

Source Of Funds

Sub-Fund Group

Sub-Fund Group Type

Sufficient Funds Code

University Budget Office Function


Accessing Vendor Functions

Standard Vendor E-Docs

Vendor Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Pre-Disbursement Processor

PDP-Generated General Ledger Entries

PDP and Flexible Bank Specification

PDP Batch Jobs

Accessing PDP Functions

PDP Attribute Maintenance E-Docs and Operations


Account Receivable

Accessing AR Functions

Accounts Receivable Batch Processes

Accounts Receivable Transaction Documents

Accounts Receivable Administrative Transaction Documents

Accounts Receivable Custom Document Searches

Accounts Receivable Reports

Customer and Attribute Maintenance Transaction Documents

Accounts Receivable Upload Administration Functions

Overview of Budget Construction

Accessing Budget Construction Functions

Standard Budget Construction E-Docs and Operations

Budget Construction Selection

Budget Construction Document

Quick Salary Setting

Salary Setting by Position

Salary Setting by Incumbent

Document Reports and Exports

Budget Construction Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Capital Asset Modules

Capital Asset Management (CAM)

CAM Depreciation Process

Accessing CAM Functions

CAM Administrative Transaction E-Docs

Asset Maintenance Custom Document Search

CAM Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs


Edit Asset

Equipment Loan

Equipment Loan Renewal

Equipment Return

Equipment Merge

Separate Assets

Transfer Asset

View Asset

Asset Fabrication

Asset Global (Add)

Asset Location Global

Asset Payment

Enter Payment

Asset Retirement Global

Asset Transfer Global

CAM Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Capital Asset Builder (CAB)

Contracts & Grants

Accessing Effort Certification Functions

Effort Certification Document (A21)

Administrative Transactions

Custom Document Searches


Maintenance Functions

Financial Processing

Accessing Financial Processing Functions

Standard Transaction E-Docs

Advance Deposit

Auxiliary Voucher

Budget Adjustment

Cash Receipt

Credit Card Receipt

Disbursement Voucher

Distribution of Income and Expense

General Error Correction

Indirect Cost Adjustment

Intra Account Adjustment

Internal Billing

MPA Card Document


Procurement Card

Transfer of Funds

Administrative Transaction E-Docs

Cash Management

General Ledger Correction Process

Journal Voucher

Non-Check Disbursement

Service Billing

Service Provider Billing

Service Provider Billing Upload

Student System Billing

Custom Document Searches

Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs

Year End E-Docs

Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Administration Functions

Endowment Batch Processing

Accessing Endowment Functions

Standard Transaction E-Docs

Standard Activities, Rules, and Routing

Asset Decrease

Asset Increase

Cash Decrease

Cash Increase

Cash Transfer

Endowment To GL Transfer Of Funds

GL To Endowment Transfer Of Funds

Liability Decrease

Liability Increase

Security Transfer

Administrative Transaction E-Docs

Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs

Balance Inquiries

Endowment Reports

Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Labor Distribution


Labor Ledger Daily Process

Labor Year End Jobs

Accessing Labor Distribution Functions

Standard Transaction E-Docs

Administrative Transaction E-Docs

Balance Inquiries

Year End E-Docs

Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

Purchasing/Accounts Payable

Batch Processes

Accessing PURAP Functions

Standard Transaction E-Docs

Contract Manager Assignment

Payment Request

Electronic Invoice Reject


Purchase Order

Purchase Order Amend

Purchase Order Payment Hold

Purchase Order Remove Payment Hold

Purchase Order Retransmit

Purchase Order Void

Purchase Order Close

Purchase Order Reopen

Purchase Order Split

Shop Catalogs

Vendor Credit Memo

Custom Document Searches

Attribute Maintenance E-Docs

System Administration

Accessing System Administration Functions


System Submenu Groups








Glossary of Terms