Effort Certification

The KFS Effort Certification module uses a batch process to automate the creation of effort certification reports (also referred to as effort reports). These reports certify the percentage of effort an employee worked on a particular project. Each employee identified as being funded by or cost-shared on a sponsored agreement has an effort certification report generated by a batch process. Each report routes for approval and may be modified to correct the distribution of effort. After being fully approved, an effort certification report generates Salary Expense Transfer documents to align the Labor Ledger and General Ledger with the newly certified effort. The fully-approved effort certification report serves as a permanent record detailing the distribution of effort for an employee for a given period.

This module allows your institution to control the periods for which effort certification reports are created and the types of employees that are included in a particular group of reports. You may also generate effort certification reports on an exception basis, view effort certification reports still outstanding for approvals, inquire on the extracted Labor Ledger data used to build effort certification reports, and more.

go-arrow-red.gif   For detailed information about this module and instructions on working with Effort Certification functions, see  Effort Certification.


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