Cashiering Transactions Tab

The Cashiering Transactions tab allows you to keep track of all of the cashiering activities throughout the day. The activities might include, for example, change orders, advances, and cashing checks. The Cashiering Transactions tab is divided into Money In area and Money Out area. The Money In area is used to record the money you have received and Money Out area is used to record the money you have paid out in exact currency and coin denominations. The Money In and Money Out area must be always in balance in order for the transaction to post. For example, if you are recording cash advances in the Money In area, you must record the equal amount of money paid out in the Money Out area.

The Money In area includes Currency/Coin, New Miscellaneous Advance, and Cashiering Checks sections while the Money Out area includes Currency/Coin, and Open Miscellaneous Advances sections. The summary of the cash drawer activities are reflected in the Cash Drawer Activity tab when the apply transaction button is clicked.


Currency / Coin Sections

New Miscellaneous Advance Section

Cashiering Checks Section

Open Miscellaneous Advances Section

How the Open Advances are Tracked