Cash Management

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exclaim     In order for users to submit the Cash Management document, the ENABLE_BANK_SPECIFICATION_IND parameter must be set to Y and the DEFAULT_BANK_BY_DOCUMENT_TYPE parameter must be completed. Even if your institution is not planning to use the Bank Offset feature in KFS, the DEFAULT_BANK_BY_DOCUMENT_TYPE parameter must be completed if your users plan to use the Cash Management document. Bank offsets will not be created if the Bank Offset feature has not been configured.

The Cash Management (CMD) document is used to record the actual bank deposit for one or more Cash Receipt (CR) documents and track cashiering activities that affect the cash drawer throughout the day. The cashiering activities might include change orders, cashing university checks, and temporary cash advances.

The CMD document is used to group approved cash receipts for a given verification unit into separate deposits so that they can be sent to the bank for deposit. Verifying units can choose to make interim deposits if they wish and must make a final deposit when they close out the cash drawer associated with the CMD document. You may deposit checks only during the interim deposits and checks, currencies and coins during the final deposit.

Use of the CMD document is restricted to members of the KFS-FP Cash Manager role. Members of this role might be located in an institution's Bursar office or another central processing unit.

go-arrow-red   For the complete information about the cash management process, see Cash Receipt.

exclaim     How the KFS-DP Cash Manager role works: The approval of CR documents and the initiation of the CMD document are controlled by the campus associated with each role member. The CR document is routed to the role members associated with the campus that the initiator is associated with based on their KFS-SYS User role (or the campus associated with the Department ID on their Person profile). Members of the KFS-FP Cash Manager role cannot initiate Cash Receipt documents.


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