Database/Using Criteria Correction Method

1.     Select Database and Using Criteria and click tinybutton-select in the Correction Process tab.

The available files for editing appear in the Origin Entry Group list in the Documents in System tab.

2.     Select the file in the Documents in System list and click tinybutton-loadgroup.

3.     Enter your search and modification criteria in the Edit Criteria tab.

4.     Click tinybutton-add1 as you add the search or modification criteria.

5.     Select the type of correction file to be created in the Edit Options and Action tab.

6.     Click buttonsmall_submit to process your GLCP document.

A new file to be added to the G/L processing cycle is created and a message indicates that the document was successfully submitted.

7.     Review the Correction Result tab.


Database/Manual Edit Corrections Method