Auxiliary Voucher Recode Example

Parking operations received miscellaneous cash receipts in July of 2009, but these funds were mistakenly deposited into the wrong account (6044906). In September, the department realized that these funds should have been deposited into account 6044900.

After selecting the Recode (AVRC) option the system automatically fills in the reversal date of today's date. This field cannot be edited by the initiator. The correct posting period is selected and the Accounting Lines tab is completed.

The resulting pending ledger entries show an accrual entry for July of 2009 (the Accounting Period selected on the document) that is reversed on the same day. The document also automatically generates a behind-the-scenes Distribution of Income and Expense document (DI) with an offset to the cash object code (8000 in this example). Note that the AVRC entries are reversed after the document becomes fully approved.



Auxiliary Voucher Adjustment