Standard Transaction E-Docs


On the Main Menu tab, the Transactions submenu provides access to a variety of general-use documents that support basic financial operations.

FP e-docs available from the Main Menu, Transactions submenu

Document Type



Advance Deposit (AD)

Records deposits that go directly to the bank without being verified through the normal cash receipts process. This document enables distribution of the amount received to the appropriate accounts in the financial system.

Auxiliary Voucher (AV)

Records accrual, adjustment and recode entries. These may be posted to open periods, which are set by each institution.

Budget Adjustment (BA)

Records income and expense transactions not processed through other e-docs, against an existing budget. It can be used to modify a base budget, a current budget or both.

Cash Receipt (CR)

Records cash and checks received by units, for subsequent deposit into bank accounts via the Cash Management Document (CMD).

Credit Card Receipt (CCR)

Records credit card receipts and distributes the funds received to the appropriate accounts in the financial system.

Disbursement Voucher (DV)

Processes payments that are not transacted through the Accounts Payable/Purchasing module of the KFS.

Distribution of Income and Expense (DI)

Reallocates income and expense or assets and liabilities within the organization.

General Error Correction (GEC)

Corrects accounting string data for General Ledger entries generated from other financial transactions.

Indirect Cost Adjustment (ICA)

Allows adjustment to the amount of indirect cost expense charged to a Contracts and Grants account and automatically adjusts the associated amount of indirect cost revenue.

Internal Billing (IB)

Bills for goods or services provided by one institution's department to another institution's department, reflecting income to the provider and expense to the customer.

MPA Card Document (MPDO)

The Meeting Planners Account (MPA) Card document (MPDO) is used to properly distribute card expenses to the correct account number and object code. It is a reconciliation tool for the MPA card transactions. The MPA card is a university liability credit card for qualified MSU employees who plan group travel and conferences.

Pre-Encumbrance (PE)

Allows users to add encumbrances using an e-doc instead of relying on information from a system outside the KFS. These transactions give fiscal officers the ability to earmark funds for which unofficial commitments have been made.

Procurement Card (PCDO)

The Procurement Card (PCDO) document is used to properly distribute procurement card expenses to the correct account number and object code. It is a reconciliation tool for the procurement card transactions.

Transfer of Funds (TF)

Transfers funds (cash) between accounts.

exclaim       Caveats about information provided for financial e-docs:

            Business rules provided for each document reflect the original configurations delivered with the KFS and may not reflect the rules and practices established at your institution. Your institution may have modified the delivered restrictions or made additional restrictions by attributes such as object code type, object code sub type, sub-fund group, consolidation object code, and others.

            The explanations that follow exclude references to ad-hoc routing because this functionality is available for use in any financial transaction document.

The explanations that follow exclude specific references to the delegate where the fiscal officer is mentioned. Assume that any action that can be performed by the fiscal officer can also be performed by the delegate.

go-arrow-red     For information on using a template to import items or accounts, see Data Import Templates.


Advance Deposit

Auxiliary Voucher

Budget Adjustment

Cash Receipt

Credit Card Receipt

Disbursement Voucher

Distribution of Income and Expense

General Error Correction

Indirect Cost Adjustment

Internal Billing


Procurement Card

Transfer of Funds

MPA Card Document