Budget Adjustment


The Budget Adjustment (BA) document is used to record income and expense transactions not processed through other e-docs, against an existing budget. It can be used to modify a base budget, a current budget or both. It is a financial planning tool that allows an organization to adjust the current and base budget figures for a given account as circumstances may change throughout the fiscal year. It may be used to create a budget for a new account established after the beginning of a new fiscal year.

      Base budgets are established during the budget construction process, and designate an ongoing fiscal commitment.

      Current budgets designate budgetary authority for the current fiscal year.

      A BA document is normally used to:

reallocate current budget as necessary throughout the fiscal year

transfer funds from one general fund account to another

establish budget lines in new accounts created after the fiscal year begins

make long-term adjustments to the base budget

      The document allows for the establishment of monthly budgeted amounts for users that wish to maintain budget information at this level.


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