Editing a Maintenance Document

1.     Select the desired e-doc from the Maintenance menu tab.

2.     When the lookup screen appears, enter appropriate search criteria or leave blank to retrieve all. Click buttonsmall_search.

go-arrow-red     For information about lookup, see Field Lookup.

3.     Click the edit link in the Actions column corresponding to the table value you want to edit.


The document appears with a new Document ID.

4.     Complete the common document tabs: Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, and Ad Hoc Recipients tab as needed.

go-arrow-red     For information about the common financial transaction tabs such as Document Overview, Notes and Attachments, and Ad Hoc Recipients, Route Log tabs, see Standard Tabs.

5.     Complete the New section in the Edit tab.


go-arrow-red     For information about requirements for the Edit tab, see the respective section for the documents elsewhere in this section.

6.     Click buttonsmall_submit.

7.     Review the Route Log tab.

go-arrow-red     For more information about the Route Log tab, see Route Log.

exclaim     You are allowed to edit non-identifying fields only. In edit mode, note that certain fields are not editable. You are only allowed to change the non-identifying fields associated with the KFS code you are trying to edit. When the active/inactive flags are available for the reference table, you can first make the existing code inactive and then create a new code to change the identifying fields. If the active/inactive flags are not available, the changes must be made by the technical staff.

go-arrow-red   For information about the workflow buttons at the bottom of the maintenance screens, see Workflow Action Buttons.


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