Fiscal Year Maker

This batch job (KFS-SYS fiscalYearMakerJob) copies table values that are specific to a fiscal year into another fiscal year. Generally this job is used to copy values in maintenance tables from the current fiscal year into the next fiscal year to prepare those tables for future use. Some modules, such as Budget Construction, may require that these tables be updated with next fiscal year's values well before the end of the current fiscal year.

Two parameters are used to control the Fiscal Year Maker process:

      KFS-SYS SOURCE_FISCAL_YEAR controls the fiscal year for which the Fiscal Year Maker batch process will copy certain maintenance table data to the next sequential year.

      KFS-SYS OVERRIDE_TARGET_YEAR_DATA_IND has a 'Y' or 'N' indicator that controls the mode in which the Fiscal Year Maker's batch process runs.

'N' copies values to the new fiscal year without overwriting any values that already exist in the new year.

'Y' copies values to the new fiscal year and overwrites any values that already exist in the new year.

Fiscal Year Maker impacts the following maintenance tables.

      Accounts Receivable tables:
Organization Accounting Default
System Information

      Capital Assets tables:
Asset Object Code

      Chart of Accounts tables:
Accounting Period
Indirect Cost Recovery Rate
Indirect Cost Recovery Rate Detail
Object Code
Offset Definition
Organization Reversion
Organization Reversion Detail
Sub-Object Code

      Effort Certification tables:
Effort Certification Report Definition
Effort Certification Report Earn Paygroup
Effort Certification Report Position

      Financial tables:
Fiscal Year Function Control
Travel Per Diem
Wire Charge

      General Ledger tables:
University Date

      Labor tables:
Benefits Calculation
Labor Object
Position Object Benefit

      System tables:
System Options


Extended Attributes