Workflow Action Buttons

When you open a document, you see various workflow action buttons at the bottom of the page. The buttons vary depending on the kind of action request you have received for the document and the KIM role(s) to which you belong.

Workflow action buttons




Signifies that you have responded to the acknowledgement action request. This button is available only to users to whom a document has been routed for acknowledgement. See FYI below.


Signifies that in your judgment the document represents a valid business transaction in accordance with institutional needs and policies. A single document may require approval from several users, at multiple route levels, before it moves to 'Processed' status.

Bypasses all subsequent levels of approval and immediately moves a document to 'Processed' or 'Final' status. Anyone who would otherwise have received the document for approval receives an acknowledge request instead. This action may be taken only by roles associated with blanket approve document permission, such as the KFS-SYS Manager role.

Denotes that the document is void and should be disregarded. Canceled documents cannot be modified in any way and do not route for approval.

Allows you to exit the document. The system displays a message asking whether you want to save the document before closing. No changes to action requests, route logs or document status occur as a result of a close action. If you initiate a document and close it without saving, it is the same as canceling that document.


Allows you to create a new document based on the existing document. Not all document types can be copied.


Signifies that in your judgment the document does not represent a valid business transaction. A disapprove action from any single approver prevents a document from posting to the GL or updating a maintenance table.


Allows you to correct documents by creating a new document that reverses the original transaction. This feature can be used only on documents that have completed the routing process and have been fully approved. Not all document types are eligible for error correction.


Signifies that you have responded to the FYI action request. This action is available only to users to whom a document has been routed for FYI. The difference between acknowledgement and FYI is that FYI requests can be cleared directly from the action list without opening the document. FYI requests also have a different effect on the document status than acknowledgements. A document with no pending approval requests but with pending acknowledge requests is in 'Processed' status. A document with no pending approval requests but with pending FYI requests is in 'Final' status.

Refreshes the screen and displays the most recently saved information. Changes that are made but not saved prior to reloading a page are not maintained.

If you are the initiator of this document, allows you to save your work and close the document. The document may be retrieved from your action list for completion and routing at a later time. If your permissions allow you to edit enroute documents, you can also save changes to an enroute document in your action list.

Moves the document (through workflow) to the next level of approval. After a document is submitted, it remains in 'Enroute' status until all approvals have taken place.

Special attention should be paid when you select any of the workflow action buttons noted below.


Blanket Approving a Document