Next Twelve Months Estimated Calculations

pencil-small     The estimated annual income for a security represents the amount of income the security will generate over the next twelve months if the rate or income amount and the units held remain constant. This estimate is provided for informational purposes only. It is not stored in the database in the Holding Tax Lot table, but at the end of the month the estimated value for the next twelve month period is calculated and stored in the Holding History table.

Estimated income for the next twelve months is simply the amount of income that can be expected for the security if the KEMID continues to own exactly the same number of shares or units of the security over the next twelve-month period. Each time a distribution amount changes and the change affects the security rate, estimated income for the next twelve months also changes.

The estimated income for the next twelve months for each security = Holding Units x Security Rate.


Remainder of Fiscal Year Estimated Calculations