The Endowment (KEM) module of the Kuali Financial System (KFS) provides functionality to manage and report endowment funds and charitable trusts. It captures information to track endowment funds (including security information, investment activity records, actual asset allocations, and investment pool data). It also tracks and records investment performance (investment income, realized gains and losses, unrealized gains and losses, fees to the various funds, historical book value, accumulated earnings, and net gains, etc.). KEM also supports standard and ad hoc inquiries including balance inquiries for current and historical balances, balances by individual funds, and balances by security or other asset. Finally, it assists in managing investment pools via functionality that automates investment of donor funds in the institution's pooled or common funds, provides historical unit values and spending policy rates by pool, and projects the budgeted payout or the anticipated actual income for the current and subsequent fiscal year.

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