Administrative Transaction E-Docs

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Several administrative e-docs are available to support the Endowments module. These e-docs, which are available from the Administrative Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab, allow your institution to accommodate corporate reorganizations, various adjustments in holdings and value, and tax lot rebalancing.

Endowment e-docs available from the Main Menu, Administrative Transactions submenu

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Corporate Reorganization (ECR)

Allows you to record the conversion of shares of one security to shares of another as a result of a corporate action (corporate spinoff, CUSIP change, merger, buyout, etc.).

Corpus Adjustment (ECA)

Allows you to record a change in the corpus value of a true endowment that is deemed necessary due to receipt of additional information after the corpus value was recorded in the system.

Holding Adjustment (EHA)

Allows you to adjust the carry value of a security held by a KEMID without affecting the number of units that make up the holding. These adjustments affect the KEMID balances and, therefore, are reflected on the General Ledger.

Holding History Value Adjustment (EHVA)

Allows you to update the market value of a record or group of records in the holding history table with a single entry.

Holding Tax Lot Rebalance (HoldingTaxLotRebalanceMaintenance-document)

Allows you to you to edit the tax lots held by a KEMID.


Unit_Share Adjustment (EUSA)

Allows you to change the number of units of a security held by a KEMID without affecting the original cost or carry value of the security tax lot(s).


Corporate Reorganization

Corpus Adjustment

Holding Adjustment

Holding History Value Adjustment

Holding Tax Lot Rebalance

Unit Share Adjustment