Holding Adjustment

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The Holding Adjustment e-doc allows you to adjust the carry value of a security held by a KEMID without affecting the number of units that make up the holding. This transaction may affect some or all lots of the security holdings, depending on your instructions.

This type of transaction changes the overall per-share value of the holding for future transactions. Both the changes in carry value and in income or expense are carried forward to the General Ledger.

You may use this e-doc in a number of situations, including:

      Distributing gains or losses.

      Adjusting the cost of an acquired asset if reversing the original transaction and re-entering the corrected transaction is not feasible.

      Revaluing a security by expensing (writing off) a portion of the original cost.

      Adjusting the valuation of a security to conform to the bank, manager or broker statement.


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