A donor, Mr. Miyagi, contributed $100,000 to a general endowment, the English Majors Scholarship Fund. This money was invested in shares of the institution's long term fund, which was priced at $1 per share. A few years later the donor contacted the school and asked to move the gift to a new KEMID, the Mr. Miyagi Scholarship Fund. The institution initiated a Security Transfer transaction with the From KEMID representing the English Majors Scholarship Fund and the To KEMID representing the Mr. Miyagi Scholarship Fund. Transaction units on both transaction lines were 100,000 units. After the transaction was routed, approved and posted to KEM, the English Majors Scholarship Fund's holdings of the long term fund showed a reduction of 100,000 units and the Mr. Miyagi Fund showed that its holdings of the long term fund had increased by 100,000 units.


Administrative Transaction E-Docs