Security Transfer

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pencil-small.gif     Transfers may be designed to comply with a change in donor intent and /or designation. They may also be used to correct posting errors or to split or merge KEMIDS.

The Security Transfer e-doc allows you to decrease the holdings of one KEMID and increase those of another KEMID without affecting the cash balance of either. Because cash is not involved, all transactions moving the security are recorded at the holding cost, not at the market value of the holding.

Each e-doc records the transfer of only one KEMID security, but it may include more than one destination KEMID. You must indicate whether the security is held (or to be held) in income or principal. Each transfer begins with the reduction of the asset in the 'From' KEMID and is completed with the increase of the asset in the 'To' KEMID. This security movement may result in transfers within a KEMID (e.g., income to principal) or between KEMIDs according to specific guidelines established by your institution.


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