Accessing Endowment Functions

The Endowment module allows users to create, view, and maintain a variety of e-docs. Many of these e-docs are accessible from the Main Menu while others are accessible from the Maintenance menus. The functions are organized on the menus as follows.

      On the Main Menu tab, the Transactions submenu provides access to standard e-docs for working with assets, cash, and liabilities, and for performing various types of transfers.

      Also on the Main Menu, several types of adjustment transactions are available from the Administrative Transactions submenu.

      The Lookup and Maintenance submenu on the Main Menu provides access to e-docs through which you create and maintain records for your institution's Endowment accounts, the securities they own, and other items.

      Finally, the Reports submenu on the Main Menu provides access to reports on asset statements, transaction statements and summaries, and trial balances.

      The Maintenance menu tab offers access to supporting e-docs. These e-docs are accessible via the Endowment submenu.


Standard Transaction E-Docs