Endowment Batch Processing

pencil-small     This section provides a high-level overview of the KFS batch processing that takes place each night to keep your institution's endowment records current. You do not need to understand this processing in order to successfully create and work with endowment transactions via the user interface. If, however, you are interested in what happens in the system after e-docs are approved, this overview is worth reading.

The KFS contains many important processes that ensure that the endowment system runs correctly and interfaces appropriately with the General Ledger (GL). If you create and/or work with endowment e-docs, the most apparent of these processes are those that generate new endowment transactions and those that update KEMID balances and security holdings. Other important processes are less apparent to you and other users. These processes ensure that all reference and balance inquiry data are updated from the transactions processed that day so users can view accurate and up-to-date information for each KEMID record.

You and other users do not directly interact with any of the batch processes. Instead, you create e-docs that, when fully approved and collected into a batch, are used as input to the batch processing sequence. Additionally, you may view and work with transactions automatically created by these processes.

exclaim     Endowment batch processing must occur every day—including weekends and holidays—in order to correctly calculate accruals and properly process batch processes that depend on a frequency code.

Batch processing occurs daily and is usually run at a time when it does not compete with online transaction activity or table maintenance (typically in the early morning hours). At the discretion of your institution, this processing may be time triggered, event triggered, or manually started.

Each batch process produces a log file along with two reports—one summarizing the activity of the process and the other noting exceptions.


Batch Processing Sequence

Post E-Docs Process

Generate Ticklers Process

Create Accrual Transactions Process

Create Pooled Fund Distribution Transactions Process

Calculate Daily Accruals Process

Create Recurring Cash Transfer Transactions Process

Create Fee Transactions Process

Create Automated Cash Investment Transactions Process

Roll Frequency Codes Process

Create Cash Sweep Transactions Process

Create Pooled Fund Control Transactions Process

Update Available Cash Records Process

Update Holding History Market Values Process

Update Current Tax Lot Balance Records Process

Update Corpus Records Process

Update History Cash Process

Update Holding History Process

KEM to KFS General Ledger Interface Batch Process

Roll Process Date Process