Update Available Cash Records Process

The Update Available Cash Records process causes the system to generate records at the end of each processing sequence to summarize the available spendable funds for every open KEMID. Values in each record are used to monitor movement of funds out of the KEMID and provide a notice to the initiator of an e-doc when a transaction requires more funds than are available.

pencil-small     Your institution may define a parameter that indicates to the system the percentage of market value of the pooled funds that is considered available for spending.

Through this process, the system calculates available income cash, available principal cash, and available total cash.

This process must be run daily. In the overall sequence of batch jobs, it must not be run until after all transactions (including those created manually and those created via other batch processes) have been generated and/or posted. Furthermore, it must not be run until after the Update Current Tax Lot Balance Records process has run to completion because it depends upon market values established via this process.


Available Cash Calculations