Create Recurring Cash Transfer Transactions Process

The Create Recurring Cash Transfer Transactions process directs the system to examine your institution's instructions for recurring transfers of cash that have been established via Recurring Cash Transfer Transactions e-docs. Based on these instructions, the system generates Cash Transfer (ECT) e-docs and/or Endowment to General Ledger Cash Transfer (EGLT) e-docs as needed.

Because recurring transactions are set to occur at varying frequencies, this process is always set to run nightly. This schedule ensures that all necessary transactions are generated on time. In the overall batch processing sequence, this process:

      Must occur after the Create Accrual Transactions and Create Pooled Fund Distributions processes have run to completion.

      Must occur after the initial run of the Post E-Docs process that handles all manually entered transactions.

      Must occur before any automated investment batch processes are run.

After this process runs to completion, the batch processing sequence must include another run of the Post E-Docs process because this process may generate e-docs that have been designated as “no route” by your institution and are, therefore, ready to post.

Each Cash Transfer and Endowment to General Ledger Transfer e-doc created by the Create Recurring Cash Transfer Transactions process has:

      A document header that includes the standard description defined by your institution for this type of document.

      A transaction sub-type of Cash (C).

      A transaction source type of Recurring Entry (R).


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