Post E-Docs Process

*    This process does not collect or process Endowment Holding History Value Adjustment (EHVA) transactions.

For each transaction line in an e-doc, the KEM maintains a transaction archive record that is available for reporting and researching activity within a KEMID. The KEM also maintains a set of tables that represent cash balances and security holdings for each KEMID, and the records in these tables are separate from the actual KEM e-doc records.

The Post E-Docs process updates all of these records. To do so, it is always run first in the KEM batch processing sequence. Throughout the rest of the processing sequence, it is run again after batch processes that generate transactional e-docs. These additional runs are necessary for processing newly generated e-docs that your institution has chosen to post without approval.

The Post E-Docs process uses as input all unprocessed endowment e-docs with a route status of Final. For each transaction line in each e-doc, the process instructs the system to:

      Create transaction archive record(s) and transaction security archive record(s) for use in reporting.

      For each cash transaction, update cash balance record(s).

      For each transaction line that has an associated tax lot line:

Update holding lot tax record(s).

If the transaction involves a change in units and/or cost of a holding, update unit and cost values for the security.

      Mark the transaction line as posted.

After all transaction lines in an e-doc are marked as posted, the system marks the e-doc as posted.


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