Create Fee Transactions Process

The process of creating fee transactions allows your institution to base fees on either balances or activity, and your institution may opt to charge, accrue, or waive the fees at the KEMID level. Because these aspects of processing vary between institutions, this section cannot explain the actual calculations performed by the system during the Create Fee Transactions process. Instead this section covers the parts of the process that are standard—initial processing and determination of how to charge the fee.

Standard processing includes the following:

      If the fee for the KEMID is to be waived, the process adds the calculated fee to both total waived fees this fiscal year and total waived fees for the KEMID.

      If the fee for the KEMID is to be accrued, the process adds the calculated fee to total accrued fees.

      Accrued and waived fees are reported by KEMID.

      Cash Decrease (ECDD) documents are generated for fees as needed.

      If the process is unable to calculate a fee and generate a transaction line, it reports the issue on an exception report.

In the overall sequence of batch processes, this process must be run before the Create Automated Cash Investment Transactions process and the Create Cash Sweep Transactions process. Because this process generates Cash Decrease e-docs, the batch sequence must include a run of the Post E-Docs process after this process has run to completion.


Fee Calculations