Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs

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The Lookup and Maintenance submenu on the Main Menu tab provides access to e-docs through which you view, create, and maintain institutionally held endowment and security records as well as records for ticklers and recurring cash transfers.

Endowment e-docs available on the Main Menu, Lookup and Maintenance submenu

Document Type



KEMID (KEMIDMaintenancedocument)

Allows you to create and work with a KEMID record that identifies a specific set of funds held by your institution as an endowment or a specific set of funds functioning as an endowment.

Recurring Cash Transfer (RecurringCashTransferMaintenanceDocument)

Allows you to schedule recurring cash transfers, each of which is associated with a single KEMID and occurs on a regular, periodic basis.

Security (SecurityMaintenancedocument)

Allows you to create and work with a Security record for a security held by your institution.

TIckler (TicklerMaintenancedocument)

Allows you to create and work with ticklers (reminders) associated with your KEMIDs, funds, and securities.



Recurring Cash Transfer