Recurring Cash Transfer

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The Recurring Cash Transfer e-doc allows you to schedule recurring cash transfers between KEMIDs or from a KEMID to one or more GL accounts. Each transfer you set up will occur via a batch process on a regular basis according to the specifications you provide. The recurring batch process automatically generates the appropriate cash transfer or Endowment to General Ledger cash transfer transactions.

When you select Recurring Cash Transfer from the menu, the system displays the Recurring Cash Transfer Lookup screen.

On this screen, you have two options:

      To set up a new recurring cash transfer, click the create new button in the upper right corner of the screen. The system displays the Recurring Cash Maintenance Document screen in create mode. Complete the fields as indicated in Document Layout below.

      To display information for one or more existing recurring cash transfers, enter search criteria in the fields on this screen as indicated in the table below and click search.

Recurring Cash Transfer Lookup definition




Source Kemid

The KEMID from which the transfer of funds is made.

Transaction Type

The type of recurring transaction—either ECT (Endowment Cash Transfer) or EGLT (Endowment to General Ledger Transfer). Select the appropriate type from the list.

Frequency Code

The frequency with which the transaction occurs. Enter a frequency code or use the lookup _searchicon to find it.

Next Processing Date From

For searches based on when the next transfer is scheduled to occur, indicates the earliest date in a range of dates.

Next Processing Date To

For searches based on when the next transfer is scheduled to occur, indicates the latest date in a range of dates.

Active Indicator


The status (active, inactive, or both) of the desired record(s).

After you enter search criteria and click search, the system displays a list of matching records at the bottom of the screen.

Recurring Cash Transfer Lookup search results definition



Transfer Number

The unique number that identifies a recurring cash transfer.

Source KEMID

The KEMID from which money is to be transferred.

Transaction Type

The type of e-doc to be created by a recurring transfer. Select the document type from the list:

'ECT' Endowment Cash Transfer

'EGLT' Endowment to GL Transfer

Frequency Code

A code specifying the frequency of a recurring transfer.

Next Process Date

The next date on which a recurring transfer is to occur.

Active Indicator

Indicates whether a recurring cash transfer is active or not.

To edit or copy one of these records, click the  or  link in the Actions column.

From the results table, you may drill down into detail for a recurring cash transfer. To do so, click an underlined transfer number. The system displays the Recurring Cash Transfer Inquiry screen.

go-arrow-red   For more information about the fields of the lookup screen, see Edit Recurring Cash Transfer Tab below.


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