Assets Tab


The Assets tab presents a static (inquiry-only) display, as do its sub-tabs—Asset Information, Processed Payments, and Payments Lookup.

The asset data is retrieved from the database for the asset number selected from the Asset Payment Lookup. The user may display additional assets by entering another asset number or by searching for it from the Asset lookup searchicon, and clicking on the add button.

Assets tab definition



Asset Number

The system-assigned identifier unique to the asset.

Asset Description

A detailed description of the asset.


A code identifying the organization responsible for the asset.

Previous Cost

The previous cost of the asset.


The portion of the payment allocated to this asset. When a payment is added to multiple asset numbers, the system allocates the payment based on the total cost of the assets to be updated. If the assets' numbers are populated through CAB, the allocated amount is displayed when the document is opened. If the asset numbers are entered manually, the allocated amount is not updated until the new payment is entered and the add button is clicked to store the payment.

New Total

The new total is the original cost + the new payment amount. If the asset numbers are manually entered, the new total will not be updated until the new payment is entered and the 'Add' button clicked to store the payment.


The delete button removes this asset from the display.


Business Rules

Asset Information Subtab

Processed Payments Subtab