CAM Lookup and Maintenance E-Docs

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Several CAM e-docs are accessible from the Lookup and Maintenance submenu on the Main Menu tab. These e-docs allow users to work with and track assets purchased through the institutional financial system and assets received as gifts, transferred, or found.

CAM e-docs available from the Main Menu, Lookup and Maintenance submenu

Document Type




Presents the Asset Lookup form, which provides access to other functions and documents that are specific to a particular asset: view, edit (CASM), loan/renew/return (ELR), merge, separate, and transfer (AT).

Asset Fabrication (FR)

Used to add records to the asset database for assets constructed by your university or institution.

Asset Global (Add) (AA)

Used to create records in the asset database for assets that are not purchased through the financial system. Also used to create records for non-movable assets that are not processed in the CAB.

Asset Location Global

Used to change location information for multiple assets simultaneously.

Asset Payment (MPAY)

Presents the Payment Lookup form that provides access to other functions and documents that are specific to an particular asset: view, edit, loan, renew, return merge, and transfer. The separate option on the payment lookup allows an asset to be separated by a given payment.

Asset Retirement Global (ARG)

Used to change the status of assets and record financial transactions associated with the disposal of capital assets from the university asset database.

Asset Transfer Global (ATG)

Used to change multiple asset Organization Owner Accounts simultaneously.



Edit Asset

Equipment Loan

Equipment Loan Renewal

Equipment Return

Equipment Merge

Separate Assets

Transfer Asset

View Asset

Asset Fabrication

Asset Global (Add)

Asset Location Global

Asset Payment

Enter Payment

Asset Retirement Global

Asset Transfer Global