Enter Payment

When you choose the payment link for an asset from the Actions column of the Asset Payment Lookup results table, the system displays the Asset Payments document.

This document is used to view payments and to perform the following activities:

      Apply payments to assets where payments originate from CAB. Payments generated from CAB are view only.

      Add payments for non-movable additions. Non-movable assets are created using the Asset Global and the Asset Payments documents. For example, non-movable assets may be added monthly using a summary report created from the General Ledger. Each fiscal year, the first time an expense is posted to an account, a new asset is created using the Asset Global document. After the asset has been created, any new transactions are applied as a payment using the Asset Payments document.

The non-movable addition report checks the CAM data base for each account and presents an asset number if an asset has been created for the fiscal year. When an asset number is present, the Asset Payments document must used to add the transaction to the CAM system.

      Shift payments between assets. Occasionally, it may be necessary to move a payment to another asset. This situation can occur if the incorrect asset number was selected when the payment was added to the database. In addition, transactions that cannot be processed in CAB (due to a system error) must be added to the database using the Asset Payments document.

Additions are normally entered by the Capital Asset Management Central Administration Office.

exclaim     The Asset Payments document does not create ledger entries. It is used only as a tool to get information into the CAM database. The new payment is recorded to the asset and the total cost and base amount are updated for the asset.


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