Org Pull Up

The org pull up button takes you to the Organization Selection screen. On this screen you may pull up a subset of documents associated with the selected organization sub-tree(s) of the selected point-of-view organization to the point-of-view level.

To pull up documents, follow these steps:

1.     Click  in the Budget Construction Selection screen.

The system displays the Organization Selection screen.

2.     In the Organization Sub-Tree section, use the down arrow  to expand the organization sub-tree.

3.     Use the Selected list to select individual or global organization(s).

4.     Choose from among these options:

      : Operates on documents directly reporting to the selected organization.

      : Operates on documents not directly reporting to the selected organization (all others in the sub-tree below the selected organization).

      : Operates on documents in both previously defined sets.

      : Pulls up all of the documents at once and displays a message that the pull up was successful:

      Pull Up Candidates tab: Allows you to pull up documents individually. To view documents associated with your selection:

Click  in the Pull Up Candidates tab.

Click  next to the document you want to pull up.

Click .


Org Push Down