ICR Encumbrances

This is the second step in the reversal and calculation of ICR encumbrances. The process retrieves all GL encumbrances that do not have an ICEN document type (non-ICR encumbrances). It groups these by fiscal year, chart, account, sub-account, object code, sub object code and balance type code. It sums the encumbrance amount and sums the encumbrance close amount for this grouping.

ICR then is processed on each row as described above for ICR Expense and Income Entries, effectively calculating indirect cost on the amount of the encumbrance that remains open for each grouping. After ICR entries have been calculated, the process posts them to the GL.

In order for the ICR encumbrances to be processed, the system parameter USE_ICR_INDICATOR must be set to 'Y.'


Poster Output Summary