Business Rules

     For information about business rules that apply to all endowment transaction e-docs, see Standard Business Rules.

In addition to the standard business rules for endowment transactions, the following business rules apply to unit/share adjustment transactions:

      When you initiate the e-doc, the system sets the Transaction Sub Type Code to 'Non-Cash.' You cannot change this entry.

      A valid, active security must be selected or entered in the Security Details tab. Only one security record may be inserted in each transaction.

      The security entered must not have a liability class code.

      When you submit or save the e-doc, the system sets the security line type code to match that of the transaction lines entered.

      After you enter a security, the system displays the associated security name and class code, class code description, tax lot indicator, and security transaction code.

      You must enter a valid, active registration code.

      You may enter data into either the Increase or Decrease transaction lines, but not both.

      You may enter multiple transaction lines on this e-doc.

      For each transaction line entered, you must specify whether it is to affect securities held in income or principal.

      You must enter a number greater than zero for the unit adjustment amount in the transaction line.

      After you add a transaction line, the system creates the appropriate entries in the Tax Lot Lines tab. If the transaction line units are edited or the transaction line is deleted, the records in the tax lot lines tab are corrected automatically.

      You may delete tax lot lines, but at least one tax lot line must remain in the transaction.

      As a tax lot line is deleted, the system recalculates the unit distribution among the remaining lots.

      No value is placed in the Transaction Amount field, so no values are totaled for the Endowment Document Detail Line or Transaction Lines tab.

      This e-doc is not reversible.

      IF the system is unable to locate tax lot records to match the criteria set for the Security/ Registration Code/ KEMID/ Income or Principal indicator, the transaction cannot proceed. To alert you to this condition, the system highlights the KEMID in the transaction line.