Edit Model Definitions tab

This tab allows the user to associate one or more security definitions with the model.

The display above shows the tab in create mode. In edit mode, the tab presents a display-only set of fields on the left, editable fields on the right in which the user may enter changes, and a delete button at the bottom.

Edit Model Definitions tab definition



Definition Name

Required. A definition used in this model. Use the lookup _searchicon.gif to select an appropriate definition.

Constraint Code

Required. Indicates whether access/use is allowed or denied. Click the appropriate button.


Required. Specifies the range operator for attribute values for which access or use is allowed or denied. Select the appropriate operator from the list.

Attribute Value

Required. Identifies the specific attribute value (e.g., a specific account code) to which the definition applies.

Override Deny

Check the box to allow access that is otherwise denied.

pencil-small.gif    For example, if the benefit object code should be restricted for all users except for members of the Managers and Operations group, you would set up one definition with two models—one to deny access to all users, and another to allow access to members of the Managers and Operations group. In the model for those in the specified group, you would check the Override Deny box.

Active Indicator


Indicates whether this definition is active or inactive for the model. Remove the check mark to deactivate the definition.


Click the add button to add this definition to the model.


Click the delete button to remove this definition from the model.


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