Barcode Inventory Process 


The barcode process is used in conjunction with barcode scanning equipment to perform a physical inventory of assets that is mandated by the government once every two years. Differences between quantities determined by the physical inspection and those shown in CAM must be investigated to determine the cause of each difference.

University departments may perform inventories manually or with barcode scanning equipment. Universities may choose various types of barcode reading machines depending on their needs. The KFS Barcode Inventory process is based on the use of Intermec Antares Trakker® 2420 terminals and MC9090 Motorola Mobile Computers to scan the barcode inventory tags affixed to capital (or non-capital) equipment.

Although department personnel scan the equipment tags, the upload to CAM of the data file stored in the Trakker® file is a central process and is restricted to members of the KFS-CAM Manager role.

After successfully uploading the Trakker® file from the Trakker to the a CSV file on a PC, and then from the PC to the KFS, the system may create a barcode inventory error document and add it to a user's action list with a Type value of 'Barcode Inventory Error. in the Barcode Inventory Error document is created only when scanned records do not pass the validity checks against the CAM databases.

When an inventory is taken manually, a comma-delimited (CSV) file may be created with the inventory data. This formatted file may then be uploaded to the KFS via the Barcode Inventory process. During the upload any records that pass validity checks are passed directly to the asset database to update the file. The last inventory date will be updated using the scan date from the inventory file. Any records that do not pass validity checks will be inserted into a Barcode Error document.

pencil-small     A system parameter controls how many records can be inserted into the error documents—KFS-CAM MAX_NUMBER_OF_RECORDS_PER_DOCUMENT.


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