Business Rules

The system performs the following validations of the file records and reports the results.

Barcode Inventory field validation and error messages



Tag Number


Required. The tag number must exist in the Capital Asset table.

The tag number must identify only one active asset. The duplicate tag edit excludes retired assets. Active inventory status codes are 'A,' 'C,' 'S,' 'U,' 'N,' or 'D'.

Scan Code

Required. The scan code must be '1,' or 0'.

0 = Manually keyed into the Trakker®.
1 = Tag scanned into the Trakker®.

Inventory Date

Required. The inventory date is required and must have a datetime format.



Required. The campus code must be a valid value.

Building Code


Required. The building code must be a valid value for the campus and building combination.

Room Number

Required. The room number must be a valid value for the campus, building, and room combination.



Required. The condition code is required and must be a valid value.

Inventory Status

The inventory status from the barcode file is not passed to the Capital Asset table. This precaution is in place because users are allowed to scan non-capital assets, and they may not know that non-capital assets have an inventory status of 'N' (non-capital). In addition, the assets batch retired has an inventory status code of 'D'. For these reasons KFS no longer allows the inventory status code to be updated.

      The system presents document numbers of any error documents that are created.

      The system presents a count of the number of records that were uploaded.

      The system presents a count of the number of records that were inserted into an error document.


Barcode Inventory Error Document