IU011032,1,12092008080435,BL,BL072    ,xxx    , ,g

IU011056,1,12092008080548,BL,BL072    ,xxx    , ,g

IU011021,1,12092008080551,BL,BL072    ,xxx    , ,g

IU011011,1,12092008080557,BL,BL072    ,005    , ,g

IU011031,1,12092008080737,BL,BL072    ,005    , ,g

After successfully uploading the Trakker® file to the KFS, a barcode inventory error document may be created in the user's action list with a document type of BCIE. A barcode inventory error document will only be created when scanned records do not pass validity checks against the asset database.

Adding a barcode inventory file causes the CAM module to display the number of records uploaded and the number of records in error. CAM also identifies by document number the error report created for this file upload.



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