Non-AR Tab

This tab allows you to move funds out of Accounts Receivable and into another area of KFS. This activity could occur either because a Cash Control document was used in error or because a customer overpaid their account. In the latter case, the non-AR tab could be used to credit the overpayment to a liability clearing account, and the Disbursement Voucher document could then be used to generate the overpayment refund (check, ACH, etc.) to the customer.

Non-AR tab definition






Required. Enter the alphanumeric value that uniquely identifies the Chart of Accounts that is associated with the Account field.

    When the parameter Accounts_Can_Cross_Charts is set to 'No', the system derives the chart code from the account number entered, and an entry in this field is not required.

Account Number

Required. Enter the account number or search from the Account lookup . This is the account providing the service or product.



Optional. Enter the sub-account number or search from the Sub-Account lookup .


Required. This is the object being billed. Enter the object code or search from the Object lookup .


Optional. Enter the sub-object or search from the Sub-Object lookup .


Optional. Enter the project number or search from the Project lookup .

Org Ref ID

Optional. Enter the Org Ref ID.


The amount being applied outside of AR.

Line Description

The line description for this specific non-ar accounting string.


After completing the appropriate fields, click .

Non-AR Total

The Non-AR Total amount being applied outside of AR.


Unapplied Tab