Accounts Receivable Transaction Documents

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The Transactions submenu on the Main Menu tab allows you to access and maintain e-docs for cash control, customer credit memo, customer invoice, customer invoice write off, multiple customer invoice writeoff, and payment application.

Accounts Receivable documents available from the Main Menu, Transactions submenu

Document Type



Cash Control (CTRL)

Facilitates the entry and tracking of payment information for a particular customer or customers, including the form or type of payment, and the amount.

Customer Credit Memo (CRM)

Provides a means for selecting a particular customer Invoice record (e-doc) and then specifying an amount to be credited against an open invoice.

Customer Invoice (INV)

Allows you to prepare, save, and submit an invoice to a customer from your organization.

Customer Invoice Writeoff (INVW)

Facilitates the entry and tracking of writeoff information in the AR module.

Multiple Customer Invoice Writeoff (INVW)

Allows you to search for one or more invoices to write off in the AR module.

Payment Application (APP)

Used to provide information about how to apply a payment when funds are already in the Accounts Receivable module, but they have not yet been applied to a specific invoice.


Cash Control

Customer Credit Memo

Customer Invoice

Customer Invoice Writeoff

Multiple Customer Invoice Writeoff

Payment Application