Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module of Kuali Financials is used for billing non-student receivables, creating invoices, recording payments, issuing credit memos, tracking outstanding receivables, and viewing historical data regarding customer charges and payments.

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module also includes functionality for managing invoicing activities related to Contracts & Grants. When this functionality is turned on, several additional menu options display and the Agency, Award and Customer documents have additional tabs and fields to collect information needed by Contracts & Grants Billing. These additional menu items, tabs and fields are described within the AR and CG documentation and identified as being available when Contracts & Grants Billing is turned on. See Contracts & Grants

  In order to work efficiently in the system's AR screens, you need to understand the basics of the customer and customer invoice/credit memo interfaces. For information and instructions on logging on and off, navigating, understanding the components of understanding the components of screens, and performing basic operations in the screens, see Overview.


Accessing AR functions

Accounts Receivable Batch Processes

Accounts Receivable Transaction Documents

Accounts Receivable Administration Transaction Documents

Accounts Receivable Custom Document Searches

Accounts Receivable Reports

Accounts Receivable Attribute Maintenance Documents

Accounts Receivable Upload Administration Functions