Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts (COA) is the set of tables that define the codes and coding structures within KFS, including attributes such as accounts, organizations, and object codes. The COA exists primarily to support and validate entries into the General Ledger (GL). For example, transactions cannot be applied to an account in the GL unless that account exists in the COA. The account and other COA attributes are associated with additional attributes, such as the fund group or organization associated with an account, or the object level that is associated with an object code. Defining these attributes and their various relationships is how the financial structure of an institution is defined. By leveraging the COA, your institution can organize its information to support activities such as e-doc routing, management of internal controls, and internal and external reporting.

The KFS features a very flexible, multiple Chart of Accounts capability that can accommodate the needs of Carnegie Class institutions, from small community colleges to large multi-campus research institutions.

go-arrow-red.gif   For detailed information about this module and instructions on working with COA functions, see Chart of Accounts (COA).