Payment Application


Payment Application is used when funds are already in the Accounts Receivable module to provide information about how to apply a payment, not yet applied to a specific invoice.

The Payment Application document can be originated either from a Cash Control document or from the main menu directly. The method of invocation determines the information provided in this tab.

The system provides three ways of creating a Payment Application:

�     First option is system generated from the Cash Control (CTRL) document. The system originates a Payment Application document where AR users may either manually apply payments directly to individual invoices, the Non-AR tab or Unapplied tab.

1. All CTRL generated APP documents:

a. Route for approval to AR Payment Application Reviewer role to provide separation of duties.

b. Populates Organization Document Number with CTRL document number as reference.

2. To minimize AR users applying payments to incorrect invoices such as oldest, Customer Source Code configurable AR users can apply all payments from the CTRL document directly to Unapplied tab.

3. Funds applied initially to Unapplied tab are utilized by the Auto Payment batch job (autoPaymentApplicationForPrepaidBalanceJob) when both CTRL and corresponding APP gets approved based on the line item priority code. This eliminates human intervention and potential errors during processing payments.

�     Another option is automated batch process where the system generates the APP document.

1. Automated batch APP documents process nightly job (autoPaymentApplicationForPrepaidBalanceJob) to apply on FINAL CTRL Customer payments using predetermined Invoice Item Code priority level.

2. The system sends an Auto Payment Application Batch Summary Report via email designated by parameter along with timestamp and duration. Includes:

a. Grand Summary:

i. Total Customers processed

ii. Grand Total unapplied

iii. Grand Total applied

iv. Grand Open Amount before

v. Grand Open Amount after

vi. Total Auto App Created document

2. Individual Customer/Application Details

�     The last approach is to complete the Payment Application document manually where there is no related Cash Control document.

The initiation of a payment application document is likely restricted to users having the Accounts Receivable Manager role.


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