Transaction Lines Tab

This tab contains one or more lines that specify the KEMID(s) affected, including all relevant financial details for the transaction as it applies to each KEMID specified.

Transaction Lines tab definition




Required. The KEMID to which this transaction applies. Enter the KEMID to which this cash increase applies or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it. The KEMID you specify must be valid and must not be closed. The system then displays the description of the KEMID you specified.

Etran Code


Identifies the type of processing required for this transaction. Enter the ID or use the lookup _searchicon.gif to find it. The system then displays the description of the code you specified.

Line Description

Describes this transaction. Enter text as desired.

Income or Principal

Required. Indicates whether this transaction pertains to income or principal. Enter the appropriate value from the list.

Transaction Amount

Required. Indicates the dollar amount of this transaction.


Click the button to perform an action on this line. When you are adding a new line, only the add button is displayed. After you have added a line, the refresh, bal inquiry, and delete buttons are displayed.

Total Income Amount

Display only. Indicates the amount of income in all transaction lines.

Total Principal Amount

Display only. Indicates the total amount of principal in all transaction lines.

go-arrow-red   Buttons on this tab allow you to add, import data, refresh tax lot information, delete lines and perform balance inquiries on the KEMID(s) specified. For information and instructions, see Working in the Transaction Lines Tab.

go-arrow-red   For information about the layout of the data import template for this e-doc, see KEM_ECI_ECDD_ECT_Import.xls.


Process Overview