Transaction Validation ('Scrubber')


The 'Scrubber' process performs the following primary functions.

      Validation of data: Includes the addition of some missing values, validation against the Chart of Accounts, and the application of continuation account logic.

      Offset and entry generation: Includes document balancing, capitalization of assets and liabilities, plant indebtedness, cost share transfers, and cost share encumbrances.

      Error handling after the batch process: Identifies and de-merges errors to be corrected using the GL Correction Process (GLCP) document.

While represented here as separate steps for clarity, note that the transaction validation, offset generation, transaction generation and de-merging process are all part of the KFS batch job 'scrubberJob.' Each of these functions is discussed in more detail below.


Validation of Data

Continuation Account for Expired Account

Pre-Scrubber Function

GL Correction Process

Offset Generation

Transaction Generation