Offset Generation


'Scrubber' also ensures that all transactions are balanced, and it generates required offsets with an offset generation process.

For transactions created via KFS e-docs, offsets should already be in place. The KFS ensures that these transactions are balanced by automatically generating any required offsets when each document is submitted for approval. Prior to the batch process running, the offset transaction lines (such as offsets to cash) may be viewed within the General Ledger Pending Entries tab of a financial transaction document.

The KFS uses the Offset Definition table to define how offsets should be generated for unbalanced transactions. This table uses information from the unbalanced transaction (such as the fiscal year and chart the transaction is being posted to and the balance type and document type associated with the transaction) to determine the object code to assign to offset entries. Ledger entries created with a Journal Voucher document type are specifically excluded from the offset generation process.

Transactions created in other systems may need to have offsets generated to ensure a balanced transaction. As part of the system implementation process, users must verify that all external system feeds into the KFS are appropriately addressed in the Offset Definition table.


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