Document Hierarchy View

When you access the Routing & Identity Management Document Type Hierarchy screen, the system initially displays the document hierarchy itself. Document types are indented under their parent document types.

Document hierarchy view

To display the Document Type Inquiry for a document, click the document type name.

Users with permissions to edit document types will see an extra link displayed for each type. To initiate a KFS Document Type Maintenance document to edit a document type, click the Edit Document Type link for it.

Edit Document Type links displayed to authorized users

If a given document type does workflow routing, then the system displays the route nodes associated with this type directly below the name of the document. Route nodes are listed in the order in which this document passes through them. Document types with branching routing logic may have further indentation displaying route nodes that a document may only pass through under certain conditions.

Route nodes for the Disbursement Voucher


Document Configuration View