Business Rules for Transfers

      When an effort reporting period (defined by the KFS Report Definition Maintenance document) has a Report Period Status Code of 'C' (Closed), no further transfers of salary expense are allowed for any fiscal period covered by the report period. This restriction includes transfers made directly through a ST document and those made indirectly through re-creating an effort report.

pencil-small     Members of the KFS-SYS Contracts and Grants Manager role may to override this restriction.

      The document must have at least one From section and one To section.

      The total of amounts in the From section must equal the amount in the To section in the Accounting Lines tab.

      The sign of the amount must be the same as the sign of the original Labor Ledger balance amount.

      The amount transferred may not be greater than the original Labor Ledger balance amount.

      Only the members of the KFS-SYS Contracts and Grants Processor role are allowed to modify the object code in the To section on initiation. They may not modify the object code later. If changing the object code results in the generation of a positive or negative fringe benefit balance, the difference is applied to the account identified in the BENEFIT_CLEARING_CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS and BENEFIT_CLEARING_ACCOUNT_NUMBER parameters.

      The object code must exist in the Labor Object Code table and the Financial Object Fringe or Salary Code must have a value of 'S'.

      The Fiscal Year field in this document is used to load the appropriate data onto the Labor Ledger Balance screen rather than to indicate the G/L period in which the entry is posted.