Documents in System Tab

The Documents in System tab is active only when the user selects 'Database' in the Correction Process tab. The Documents in System tab displays files available for editing from the Origin Group tables. The Documents in System list is populated when the user clicks select in the Correction Process tab.

These Origin Entry Directory files are created by the Labor Ledger batch programs at various stages of the Labor Ledger batch process.

go-arrow-red   For definitions of file names, see Accounting Cycle Files

Each entry in the table also displays the date and time at which it was generated and the size of the file.

1.     Select the file you want to correct by clicking its name.

2.     Use the action buttons at the bottom of the tab to take an action on that file. The options available are loading a group and copying a group to desktop.



Loading a Group

Edit Option

Copying the Group to Desktop