History Tab

The History tab displays an audit trail of actions associated with this payment in the PDP. Each action (hold, cancel, etc.) taken on the payment is displayed in its own section on this tab.

History tab definition



Change Time

Display-only. Displays the date and time on which this action took place.

Payment Change

Display-only. Identifies the change that occurred by displaying the appropriate payment change name. Examples include 'Cancel Payment,' 'Hold Payment, and 'Release Hold Payment.'

Change User Principal Name

Display-only. Displays the principal name of the person who took this action

Original Disbursement Type

Display-only. If the payment was already disbursed when the change occurred, indicates whether it was a check or ACH disbursement.

Original Disbursement Number

Display-only. Indicates the original disbursement number for payments that have been canceled or canceled and reissued.

Original Disbursement Date

Display-only. If the payment was already disbursed when the change occurred, specifies the date on which that disbursement was made.

Original Payment Status

Display-only. Displays the payment status prior to this action being taken.

Original Bank

Display-only. If the disbursement for this payment has been made, displays the bank from which the funds were disbursed.

Original ACH Bank Routing Number

Display-only. If an ACH disbursement has been made related to this payment, displays the bank routing number for the ACH payment.

Cancel Extract Status

Display-only. Updates to 'Yes' when the job that puts canceled payments in the check file (processPdpCancelsAndPaidJob) completes.

Cancel Extract Date

Display-only. For canceled payments, displays the date the PDP extracted this cancellation into the check or ACH file.

Change Note Text

Display-only. Displays the textual note provided by the user who took this action.


Notes Tab