Bank Info Tab

The Bank Info tab page displays the bank code of the bank from which this payment was disbursed. If a payment is made via ACH direct deposit, the tab also displays the routing number and account number to which the deposit was made. If a payment has not yet been formatted, these fields are blank.

Note that only users with the proper roles can view bank account numbers. Users with the role KFS-SYS Manager can view partially masked bank account numbers while members of the role KFS-SYS Operations will see full bank account numbers.

Bank Info tab definition



Disbursement Bank Code

Display-only. Displays the bank code identifying the bank from which the payment was disbursed.

Payee Bank Routing Number

Display-only. Displays the routing number associated with the payee's ACH bank.

Payee Bank Account Number

Display-only. Displays the account number to which ACH direct deposit was made for this payee.


History Tab