Account Details Tab

The Account Details tab displays all accounting information associated with this payment. Multiple sets of accounting information can be sent for a single payment and each will display here.

If a customer's profile indicates that accounting edits are required, the PDP verifies the payment accounting string against the Chart of Accounts. If any invalid values are found, the entire accounting string is removed and replaced with the Customer's default accounting information. When a change like this is made, this Payment Account History section shows a change code identifying the type of change, the original values supplied and what they were changed to.

Account Details tab definition



Accounting Change Code

Display-only. Identifies the field that caused the accounting error (e.g., 'ACCT' if the account number was found to be invalid).

Accounting Attribute Name

Display-only. Displays the attribute name of the accounting field that was changed by the PDP.

Original Value

Display-only. Displays the invalid value that was originally supplied to the PDP.

New Value

Display-only. Displays the value used to replace the invalid value. This value is taken from the default accounting information for this PDP customer.

Change Date

Display-only. Displays the date on which the PDP made this change.


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