List 2PLG Report



The BC Organization List 2PLG report contains any BC documents (accounts) that contain the special accounting line using the 2PLG object code for the organization(s) selected.

BC document accounting lines using the 2PLG object code are inserted/updated when a user adjusts the request amount for at least one of the document's detail salary lines using either of the detail salary setting screens.

After all changes resulting in '2PLG' entries are complete, the user runs this report and opens each account in turn to perform cleanup work.

pencil-small     If the budget currently being built has not been balanced yet, the cleanup consists of simply removing the 2PLG accounting lines. Otherwise, the cleanup involves adjusting another accounting line to account for the change and then removing the '2PLG' accounting line. Examples of accounting lines used in '2PLG' adjustments include those representing pools of salary reserves, salary savings or transfers of revenue.



Monthly Object Summary